Make Your Day Better With Great Coffee!

Coffee Lovers...we hear ya!


Exquisite Barista Services is your solution to having a trained, professional barista at your office location or event. We are the beverage service created by Leathia Hart, she is located in Charlotte, NC and has a unique concept of delivering awesome coffee and beverage solutions direct to you and your team!


Drink custom made coffee and chai tea beverages like a Boss!


Give us a call or send a message to inquire about our packages today! We look forward to serving you.

Coffee & Cake Packages

For up to 50 guests this package includes all items and flavors used to create custom beverages.    

Our Clients Say...

"The coffee was delicious, variety was plentiful, and your knowledge about all things coffee is awesome!  Your service was professional and exceeded my expectations.  Thank you again and we will have you back soon!" 

Joe Wiseman - Lost&Found Corp

Mooresville, North Carolina